Gert Tews

Managing Director
Phone: 040/ 73 10 79 – 30 / Fax: -20
Email: tews(at)

Gert Tews, Managing Director, worldwide active in the forwarding business for well over 40 years, and forwarder by heart and soul.
In addition to his many worldwide activities, he did a real pioneer job on the subcontinent, when he – beside many project shipments – established the first regular groupage container service to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This is one of the reasons why Contibridge is still considered a leading forwarder.
Furthermore, Gert Tews has been contributing his experience to e. g. the Export Committee of the Hamburg Forwarding Association for more than 30 years.

Susann Bacher

Managing Director
Phone: 040/ 73 10 79 – 34 / Fax: -20
Email: bacher(at)

Susann Bacher, Managing Director with expertise in the import/export forwarding business. She stays in close contact with our customers and acquires new ones. She is also honorary member of the Hamburg Forwarding Association’s import committee.

Martina Barnett

Assistant to the Managing Director
Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 10 / Fax: -20
Email: barnett(at)

Martina Barnett, Assistant to the Managing Director, is a great support to Gert Tews and the whole team.

Petra Cords

Account Department
Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 35 / Fax: -20
Email: cords(at)

Petra Cords, accountant, does not fit in the cliché at all. She masters our finances with her always extremely good mood. Debtors and creditors are also in good hands.

Beata Jacob

Account department
Telefon: 040 / 73 10 79 – 35 / Fax: -20
Email: jacob(at)

Beata Jacob supports us in our account department. During this times it is not that easy, but she is doing a great job and keep track on the finances.

Oliver Staender

General Manager
Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 15 / Fax: -20
Email: staender(at)

Oliver Staender, General Manager, highly experienced hand with the essential expertise for transports to and from India. He is your contact for transport solutions, and beside being in charge of our Indian traffic, he maintains regular contacts to our Indian clients and knows the situation on the spot.

Torsten Kuklik

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 16 / Fax: -20
Email: kuklik(at)

Torsten Kuklik is our latest addition and strengthened our import and export team. Long experience, balanced "hanseatic" nature combined with necessary forsight that all make up the added value. An expert in seafreight who offers complete solutions. Do you need an offer or a personal consultation, please get in touch with Torsten Kuklik - with him, you will be in the right hands from the place of receipt until delivery.


Sabine Kirsch

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 33 / Fax: -20
Email: kirsch(at)

Sabine Kirsch guarantees first-class service for woldwide transports. Do you need a competent expert for Far East or other destinations? She is the one who will take excellent care of your shipments from the beginning to the end.

Jan Moritz Klar

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 14 / Fax: -20
Email: klar(at)

Jan Moritz Klar supports the Export department and arranges all kind of transports - seafreight, airfreight, truck and rail. He combines his road experiences with the ones in seafreight.




Daniela Hackbarth

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 32 / Fax: -20
Email: hackbarth(at)

Daniela Hackbarth complements our export team with commitment and professional knowledge about shipments to the Near and Middle East. Projects to the Far East are also in good hands with her. She offers the complete service package from inland haulage and customs clearance to sea freight. Should you wish to have your shipment marked or labeled – no problem. A true logistics expert – what more could one want.

Bibiana Kreuz

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 12 / Fax: -20
Email: kreuz(at)

Bibiana Kreuz is specializing in imports of furnitures from Far East to Europe. She organizes the whole transport from warehouse until the container is loaded on board of vessel. At port of discharge she cares about the customs clearance and the just-in-time deliveries. Bibiana is the reference person for any queries around furnitures.


Jennifer Me├čner

Telefon: 040 / 73 10 79 - 31 / Fax: -20
Email: messner(at)

Jennifer Meßner is supporting our Import-Team and is promptly arranging the transports. She has everything under controle, truckers and the customs authority (sometimes). Every day Jennifer is used to ATB, ATC etc.

Yvonne Schnepel

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 31 / Fax: -20
Email: schnepel(at)

Yvonne Schnepel is an important mainstay of our import department. She takes care of the sea transports, customs clearance and on-forwarding arrangements of our imports in a very friendly and timely manner. Additionally she supports our Sales department.

Florian Bussau

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 21 / Fax: -20
Email: bussau(at)

Warm welcome to Florian Bussau, who supports our Import-Team. We wish you a good start and luck.

Imke Sannmann

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 16 / Fax: -20
Email: sannmann(at)

Imke Sannmann is our import specialist. She takes great care of our customers with a lot of dynamism and commitment. With her, you will be in the right hands: from the port of loading until the delivery at the customer including import handling. Currently Imke is on maternity leave.

Nadine Jahnke

Phone: 040 / 73 10 79 – 17 / Fax: -20
Email: jahnke(at)

Another warm welcome to Nadine, who also supports the Import-Team. We wish you a lot of success as well!