Container shipments

China – Germany: import and export

China, a country with great visions and Asia’s growth engine. An important trade partner for Germany and worldwide.

That’s one of the reasons why many Chinese companies settle down in Hamburg, the “bridge to Europe” or the “gate to the Middle Kingdom”.

Hamburg plays in important role for the bilateral commercial relationship between Germany and China. The number of containers handled from China to Germany and vice versa increased tremendously in the last few years.

Contibridge is represented with an own network in all the different Chinese regions.

We offer shipment of containers or FCL shipments in our consol containers from China to Germany as well as exports from Germany.
We handle the export and import shipments and also deliver door-to-door.


Further service packages include:

- cargo checking, marking, packing, palletizing, sorting, weighing etc.

- customs clearance, fumigation/degasification according to ISPM 15

- provision of containers / truck, train, barge

- loading/unloading of containers