Furniture imports to Europe

We are specialised in furniture transports and organise collections, container transport, sea freight as well as scheduled warehouse delivery. Our “race tracks” link e. g. India, China, Vietnam, Brasil and Mexico with Europe. Our first class service guarantees prompt action as well as rapid loading. We work together with renowned shipping lines and offer a regular schedule with excellent transit times where our containers have priority.

Professional customs clearance at port of destination

We ensure prompt import customs clearance in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Wilhelmshaven and check beforehand which documents are being required for the respective import. If fumigated containers have to be ventilated, we can carry out all necessary steps and then forward the containers to their destination by rail or truck.

Phytosanitary measures

Certain plants and plant products as well as other goods need to be checked before they are brought into the European Union in order to prevent the induction of pests. Therefore those goods have to undergo phytosanitary controls and need plant health certificates as well as certificates of origin. Certain goods are even subject to import prohibitions. We will be happy to assist you in case of any further questions.

Veterinary processing

Animals and animal products are subject to import restrictions. We can take over the processing/handling and check the necessary documents. Please contact us if you require more information.

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