Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

With effect 1.7.2016 a new regulation from SOLAS comes into effect, which requires shippers to verify gross mass of container. This certificate is required before container is loaded on board of vessel. There are different methods how to ascertain the grossweight of the cargo incl. packing and stowing material.

1.Method: Weighing the container before and after it has been stuffed with scales of accuracy class IV.

2.Method: VGM is calculated on the gross weight of each item, stuffing material and container tare weight, after container has been stuffed. Container Tare weight can be taken from outside of the container. This method is possible for shipper with existing certifications e.g. AEO, ISO and by retaining developed business processes. Weighing has to be done with scales of accuracy class III.

For LCL shipments the gross weight = VGM will be taken out of your instructions. After console box is stuffed it will be weighed based on all given VGMs. As a consequence of high Discrepancies container has to be destuffed and each single LCL shipment has to be weighed. Costs are on account of shipper with inaccurate VGM. 

Shipper is responsible for providing written VGM in time to shipping line respectively forwarding agent, who will forward VGM to the shipping line. It should be received prior to the cargo gate cut-off which may varies between the different shipping lines. NO VGM = NO LOAD! If VGM is missing additional costs will raise and will be charged to shipper. If you need more information please contact us.

IMO Guidelines for VGM

Model procedure to verify Gross Mass for shipper without AEO/ISO


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