These are our values

As a privately run and independent company, our values have been the basis of our actions since we were founded in 1988.

Global changes keep presenting us with new challenges in terms of social responsibility and sustainability, which we take into account with our updated code of conduct. It is a guide for our everyday life, for our actions and for our decisions. It is a guide in dealing with colleagues, customers, business partners and the environment.

  • Discrimination: Any kind of discrimination is prohibited.
  • Human rights/equal opportunities: The same conditions and rights apply regardless of origin, ethnicity, disability and gender.
  • Data protection: Any data that we need to collect and process for our business activities is treated sensitively and protected.
  • Environmental protection/sustainability: We use resources such as electricity, water and paper in an environmentally friendly and economical manner. When carrying out the transport, environmental compatibility is an important aspect.
  • Bribery/corruption: We reject any influence that leads to abuse through bribery or corruption. We stand for fair competition and fair cooperation.
  • Compliance with applicable law: We are committed to complying with and observing applicable regulations, rules and laws when carrying out our activities.
  • Occupational safety: We value a healthy and safe workplace for our employees.


This is how we think - this is how we act

Over the past decades we have successfully proven ourselves as a team player and an important link in forwarding and logistics, nationally and internationally. Above all, direct contact and dialogue with our customers and partners was very important to us in order to always find a way and a solution together.

So we see ourselves more than ever in the role of logistics partner at the side of our customers. In order to meet these requirements, we place high demands on ourselves and our business partners in terms of reliability, customer satisfaction and cost efficiency. We treat each other with respect.

This is how we work

We rely on continuity and reliability. What applied in the past also applies to the future and so we still rely on personal contact and comprehensive service. Flexibility and customer proximity are among the most important quality features. We do not close our eyes to the current problems, but we look for environmentally friendly and compatible ways. We are open to new approaches, but also critical.

Maintaining our customer contacts, both personal and web-based, is particularly important to us. We regularly work on optimizing processes and invest in new IT programs. Sustainability is very important to us.

Our highly motivated and competent team stands for this company philosophy:

The Contibridge-Team